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The Orders and Rules of Racing


129. Crediting of money due

129.1 At the end of the period of 15 days after the race, the Stakeholder shall credit the following money to each Person entitled to it

129.1.1 all stakes,
129.1.2 all added money,
129.1.3 all sums due in respect of horses sold, bought in or claimed,
129.1.4 all payments due under Rule 131, and
129.1.5 all payments due under the Appearance Money Scheme set out in Schedule 11.

129.2 Paragraph 129.1 is subject to exemptions provided by Rule 130.
129.3 The Stakeholder shall also credit to the Owner any appearance money which is due the Appearance Money Scheme set out in Schedule 11.
129.4 Any VAT which is due on money credited to a Person under Paragraph 129.1 or 129.3 shall also be credited if that Person is registered for VAT purposes in accordance with Rule (A)100 (VAT registration scheme).
129.5 Unless the Authority directs otherwise, accounts of money due will be rendered and payments made at monthly intervals.