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The Orders and Rules of Racing


134. Publication of handicap weights for a race

134.1 The weights for a Handicap Race which closes more than 6 days before running shall be published on the Racing Administration Internet Site and in The Racing Calendar.
134.2 The weights for any other Handicap Race shall be published on the Racing Administration Internet Site.
134.3 A weight may not be altered after publication except in accordance with Paragraphs 134.4 and 134.5.
134.4 The Authority may permit

134.4.1 a weight to be added for a horse where the horse was duly entered for the race but its name or weight was omitted from the Handicap, or
134.4.2 a correction to be made where an incorrect weight has been published.

134.5 But no change may be made under Paragraph 134.4 to published weights after the appropriate time, determined as follows

134.5.1 where the race has is a Scratching Deadline, the appropriate time is noon on the Friday before the first Scratching Deadline, and
134.5.2 where there is no Scratching Deadline, not later than 9.00a.m. on the day of declaration to run under Rule 89.