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The Orders and Rules of Racing


137. Determining the value of a race

137.1 For the purpose of calculating any penalty, allowance or qualification for a race, a horse shall be regarded as having won the sum of the total amount of Prize Money and Appearance Money which, in accordance with Rule 118 and Schedule 11, is distributed to the Owner, Trainer, Rider and stable of the horse.
137.2 The amount won is to be determined after

137.2.1 in the case of a dead-heat, dividing the prizes in accordance with Rule 120, and
137.2.2 making any other adjustment required by Rule 121 or 122.

137.3 For the purposes of this Rule, no account shall be taken of

137.3.1 any payment not specifically related to the placing or performance of the horse in the race, including any supplementary payment which is conditional on circumstances additional to the horse's performance,
137.3.2 any prize which is given in the conditions of the race to a Trainer, Rider, stable or breeder other than as provided for in Rule 118 and Schedule 11,
137.3.3 any payment under Rule 131 in respect of the sponsorship of number cloths, or
137.3.4 any VAT on a payment under Paragraph 137.3.2 or 137.3.3.

137.4 The value of a race to the winner shall be published in The Official Form Book.
137.5 A Challenge Cup is not estimated in the value of a race.
137.6 The Official Form Book is the work designated as the Official Form Book by the Authority.