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The Orders and Rules of Racing


138. Determining the value of races and sales outside Great Britain and Channel Islands

138.1 This Paragraph applies for the purpose of calculating

138.1.1 the value of races run out of Great Britain and the Channel Islands, and
138.1.2 the value of horses sold at public auction out of Great Britain and the Channel Islands (exclusive of any tax).

138.2 In assessing distances of races in kilometres, 200 metres shall be taken to equal one furlong.
138.3 The rates of exchange to the £ (sterling) to be used for the year in which the race was run or the horse sold shall be such as the Authority may specify.
138.4 The Authority may at any time

138.4.1 vary these rates of exchange, and
138.4.2 fix a ratio of points to money in respect of races run in countries where points rather than money are used to indicate the importance of a race.

138.5 The rates of exchange which are for the time being applicable are set out in Schedule 14.