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The Orders and Rules of Racing


25. Ensuring protective equipment is worn

25.1 Paragraph 25.2 applies in any case where

25.1.1 an Apprentice Jockey, Conditional Jockey, stable employee or other person is mounted on a horse which is on Racecourse Property, or
25.1.2 a Rider, stable employee or other Person is mounted on a horse in any other place where the horse is under the care or control of a Trainer acting in his capacity as such.

25.2 The Trainer of the horse must ensure that

25.2.1 each of the Persons referred to in Paragraph 25.1.1 or 25.1.2 wears a skull cap and a safety vest,
25.2.2 the skull cap and safety vest are of such design and fitted in such a way as to meet the requirements specified in Schedule (D)2, and
25.2.3 the skull cap and safety vest are in a serviceable condition.

For example, a skull cap that has been subjected to a severe impact, or has been worn by a rider suffering concussion, is not regarded as being in a serviceable condition.
25.3 The Trainer shall be regarded as having contravened a requirement imposed on him by these Rules in any case where a Person referred to in Paragraph 25.1.1 or 25.1.2 makes use of an unserviceable skull cap or safety vest.
25.4 The Trainer must

25.4.1 also ensure that any Person referred to in Paragraph 25.1.1 or 25.1.2 wears such other protective clothing or protective headgear as the Authority may from time to time direct, and
25.4.2 from time to time carry out a risk assessment regarding the wearing of safety vests by Persons who are dismounted and engaged in other potentially hazardous stable tasks (such as lunging, long reigning, clipping etc).

25.5 Nothing in this Rule restricts the Trainer's general duties as to safety set out in Rule 22.