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The Orders and Rules of Racing


28. Veterinary treatment and medication

28.1 A Trainer must ensure that all treatments and medication administered to a horse under his care or control are given in the interests of its best health and welfare.
28.2 Accordingly

28.2.1 every treatment must be fully justifiable by the medical condition of the horse receiving the treatment,
28.2.2 horses that are not trainable as a result of injury or disease must be given appropriate veterinary treatment before training is resumed, and
28.2.3 the Trainer must obtain advice from the Veterinary Surgeon prescribing a treatment as to the appropriate level of training during the duration of the treatment.

28.3 Rule 33 contains further provision in respect of treatment which applies when a horse is on Racecourse Property.
28.4 Schedule (B)3 7.1 contains a restriction in respect of the giving to a horse of any substance on the day of a race.