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The Orders and Rules of Racing


30. Duty to report communicable diseases

30.1 Where a Trainer has been informed by a Veterinary Surgeon, or should otherwise be aware, that any horse under his control is likely to be or is infected with

30.1.1 diseases covered by the Horserace Betting Levy Board Codes of Practice on Equine Diseases;
30.1.2 any notifiable disease that can affect horses as named in section 88 of the Animal Health Act 1981 and the Diseases subject to the infectious Diseases of Horses Order 1987;
30.1.3 diseases subject to the Specified Type Equine Exotic Diseases,
30.1.4 any disease added to 30.1.1, 30.1.2 or 30.1.3 in the future listed under Schedule 9, or
30.1.5 Equine Influenza
the Trainer must

30.1.6 observe any statutory requirements and also immediately make a report to the Authority's Office, and
30.1.7 not remove, or allow to be removed, any horse under his care or control from the premises until directed otherwise by the Authority.

30.2 Before giving a direction under Paragraphs 30.1.6 and 30.1.7, the Authority may obtain the advice of a Veterinary Officer, which is to be given in consultation with the Trainer's Veterinary Surgeon.