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The Orders and Rules of Racing


32. Requirement to use official racecourse stables

32.1 This Rule applies to any horse which

32.1.1 has been declared to run under Rule (F)89, and
32.1.2 has not been notified as a non-runner under that Part of that Manual.

32.2 Unless the Authority directs otherwise, the horse must be stabled in the official racecourse stables not less than 45 minutes before the advertised time of the race in which the horse is due to run.
32.3 The Stewards may decide not to take Disciplinary Action against a Trainer who fails to comply with Paragraph 32.2 if he satisfies them that the failure was due to circumstances which they consider to be acceptable.
32.4 Where a horse under the care or control of a Trainer is stabled in official racecourse stables on a day when it is not due to race, the Trainer is liable to Disciplinary Action if he or his representative

32.4.1 is requested to remove the horse from the stables, and
32.4.2 fails to do so by 10.00 a.m. on the day in question.