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The Orders and Rules of Racing


33. Restrictions applying in relation to a horse whilst on racecourse property

33.1 This Rule applies where

33.1.1 a horse under the care or control of a trainer is on Racecourse Property for the purposes of running in a race, and
33.1.2 the Equine Welfare and Integrity Officers have commenced their duties.

33.2 Until such time as the horse has either run in the race or has been withdrawn, the horse must not leave Racecourse Property except for the purposes of

33.2.1 moving between the official racecourse stables and the racecourse, or
33.2.2 proceeding to and from any gallops which are not on Racecourse Property.

33.3 Subject to Paragraph 33.6, no substance may be administered to a horse (by injection, orally or any other method) other than normal feed and water offered by mouth unless a Veterinary Officer grants a special dispensation.
33.4 Where a horse is injured or ill

33.4.1 treatment may only be given by the racecourse Veterinary Surgeon, but
33.4.2 a Veterinary Officer may authorise the admission of the Trainer's Veterinary Surgeon, if available, to advise and assist with the treatment.

33.5 A general dispensation is granted to enable a Trainer or his employees to use a bulb syringe to administer water to a horse in small quantities, but the Authority may withdraw this dispensation generally or from specific Trainers or their employees.
33.6 Within two hours of the start time of a race in which the horse is declared to run, it is not permissible to stand a horse in ice or iced water, nor is it permissible to apply a cooling device to any part of the horse (including ice boots or bandages, or ice bags), unless a Veterinary Officer grants a special dispensation. The use of such treatments is permitted post-race, or following withdrawal from the race.