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The Orders and Rules of Racing


34. Post-race reports of matters materially affecting a horse's performance

34.1 Subject to Rule 35, a Trainer (or his representative) must make a report of anything that he considers might have materially affected the performance in the race of any horse trained by him.
34.2 Examples of matters that must be reported under this Rule include

34.2.1 horse bled from nose;
34.2.2 horse finished distressed;
34.2.3 horse lost shoe;
34.2.4 horse finished lame;
34.2.5 filly/mare in season;
34.2.6 horse gurgled (for example, by choking, choking up or swallowing its tongue);
34.2.7 suspected viral or other ailments;
34.2.8 not suited by going.

34.3 The Trainer must report to the Stipendiary Steward any horse which does not start with a declared tongue strap or loses its tongue strap during the race.
34.4 A Trainer who is required to make a report under this Rule may delegate the task of making it to the Rider.
34.5 A report under this Rule must be made as soon as possible after a race to a Steward, a Stipendiary Steward or a Veterinary Officer on the racecourse.
34.6 But if

34.6.1 a matter comes to the Trainer's attention only after the horse leaves the racecourse, and
34.6.2 might have a bearing on the past or future running of a horse,

the report must be made as soon as possible to the Authority's Disciplinary Department, a Steward, a Stipendiary Steward or a Veterinary Officer.
34.7 Where a report is made under this Rule

34.7.1 the Stewards or the Authority may require a Veterinary Officer to carry out an examination of the horse, and
34.7.2 the Trainer or his representative will, if possible, be made aware before any details are published of the contents of any report concerning a horse's welfare which is submitted by the Veterinary Officer.

34.8 Any report under this Rule which is made on the day of racing will be considered by the Stewards, posted on racecourse notice boards and handed to the press and, if the report relates to a horse which was prominent in the betting market, the report may be announced over the public address system.
34.9 Any report under this Rule which is made after the horse leaves the racecourse will be distributed to the press and published.