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The Orders and Rules of Racing


35. Avoiding duplication of post-race reporting

35.1 The duty to make a report under Rule 34.1 does not apply where the matter

35.1.1 is reported to the Stewards by the Rider under Rule (D)49 (post-race reports to Stewards), or
35.1.2 is plainly obvious to the Stewards.

35.2 A Trainer must not instruct a Rider to ignore Rule (D)49 but, in any case where a Rider informs the Trainer that he intends to make a report

35.2.1 the Trainer may decide instead that he will make a report under Rule 34, and
35.2.2 if he does so, he must inform the Rider accordingly.

35.3 A Trainer must make a report under Rule 34.1 where

35.3.1 a Rider informs him under Rule (D)48 (making a report of gurgling by horse during a race) that the horse was gurgling during the race, and
35.3.2 the Trainer considers that the gurgling may have adversely affected the performance of the horse.

35.4 If a Trainer does not report the gurgling

35.4.1 the gurgling shall be regarded as having had no effect on the performance of the horse,
35.4.2 the information will not be made public, and
35.4.3 an explanation that the horse was gurgling will be accorded little weight if given at a Stewards' enquiry into the running and riding of the horse.