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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Trainer Manual (C)


36. Other requirements relating to equine welfare

36.1 In relation to any horse under his care or control, a Trainer must ensure that

36.1.1 if the horse is shod it is in accordance with the requirements of Paragraph 7 of Schedule (B)4,
36.1.2 all reins are stitched to, or fastened by, a buckle to the bridle apart from where an alternative method of attaching reins to bridles is one which has the approval of the Authority, and
36.1.3 all other equipment worn by the horse is in a serviceable condition and properly fitted.

36.2 When the declaration for a horse is verified in accordance with Rule (B)23 (verifying the declaration sheet), the Trainer or his representative must indicate whether he wishes the horse to be withdrawn

36.2.1 in the event that one of its plates is removed at the Start or is shed on the way to, or at, the Start, or
36.2.2 in the event that the tongue strap cannot be fastened or is shed on the way to the start.

36.3 Any request under Paragraph 36.2 will be noted on the list of declared runners and given to the Starter.
36.4 A request under Paragraph 36.2.1 will, unless the race declaration sheet states otherwise, be taken as referring only to plates on the horse's forelegs.
36.5 Other requirements relating to equine welfare that are contained in these Rules include

36.5.1 Part 4 makes provision about prohibited substances administered to a horse;
36.5.2 Rule (A)91 sets out Authority's general power to prohibit equipment used for racing;
36.5.3 in the Race Manual (B) Rules (B)53 and (B)54 make provision about dangerous, careless or improper riding, including misuse of whip; Rules (B)80 to (B)82 restricts the movement of injured horses and makes provision for humane destruction and post-mortem examination; Schedule (B)3 contains provisions which, on welfare grounds, restrict the circumstances in which a horse may run in a race (see, in particular, Paragraphs 6 (tubed horses), 7 (feed and water), 10 (equine influenza injections), 11 (neurectomy), 14 (number of races in one day), 15 (blood transfusions) and 16 (pregnant horses)); Schedule (B)4 contains provision about raceday equipment (see, in particular, Paragraphs 7 (shoes), 8 (nasal dilators)9 (lip chains) and 11(bits));

36.5.4 Part (D)5 imposes certain duties on Riders (see, in particular, Rules (D)37 (whips), (D)45.3 and (D)45.4 (requirement to pull up when horse lame or injured) and (D)48 (rider's reports as to gurgling by horse)); and
36.5.5 Rules (F)97.3 and (F)97.4 disapply financial penalties for non-runners on production of satisfactory veterinary certification or self-certification.