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The Orders and Rules of Racing


39. Access to official racecourse stables by trainer

39.1 A Trainer must produce the appropriate identity document in order to enter any official racecourse stable.
39.2 Appropriate documents for the purpose of Paragraph 39.1 are

39.2.1 in the case of a Licensed Trainer or Permitted Trainer, the identity card issued to him by the Authority on the grant of his licence or permit,
39.2.2 in the case of any other Trainer, such document as the Authority may direct.

39.3 A Licensed Trainer or Permitted Trainer is liable to a financial penalty if he is unable to produce his identity card to enter official racecourse stables and he is, as a result, issued by a Equine Welfare and Integrity Officer with an authorisation to enter.
39.4 A fee is payable for the replacement of a lost identity card and the amount of the appropriate fee is specified in Schedule (A)1.
39.5 Any Trainer who enters official racecourse stables must comply with any directions given to him by the Authority and must also ensure the compliance of any stable employee of his who enters the stables.