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The Orders and Rules of Racing


43. At the racecourse

43.1 When a horse is being led on Racecourse Property

43.1.1 the horse must be fitted with a bridle or a headcollar fitted with a chifney in order to enable it to be properly led, and
43.1.2 stable employees may lead only one horse at any time.

43.2 Before the Rider weighs out, a Trainer must declare to the Clerk of the Scales any differences there may be from the racecard as respects

43.2.1 the weight his horse will carry, or
43.2.2 the colours to be worn by the Rider.

43.3 In relation to any horse trained by him, a Trainer must ensure that

43.3.1 the correct number cloth is carried and is clearly visible,
43.3.2 the horse carries at least the correct weight in accordance with the conditions of the race,
43.3.3 the horse leaves the paddock properly saddled,
43.3.4 the horse is properly saddled (which includes attachment of the weight cloth and allowing for girth adjustment to be made at the Start) when it leaves the Parade Ring or, in the case of an all weather track fixture, the place designated for mounting, and
43.3.5 all sheets or rugs are removed from the horse before going to the start of a race (including any worn by the horse whilst walking in a Parade).

43.4 In respect of any race where

43.4.1 the Authority has specified in the race conditions that an Approved Speed Sensing Device must be carried in the race, and
43.4.2 an Approved Speed Sensing Device is provided by the Racecourse Managing Executive,

the Trainer of each horse which starts in the race must ensure that the device is carried in the horse's number cloth.

43.5 Where a Rider hands a saddle to the Trainer or his representative after the Rider has weighed out

43.5.1 the Trainer must ensure that the saddle is not left unattended,
43.5.2 the Trainer may not remove any lead from the Rider's weight cloth unless the Rider presents himself to the Clerk of the Scales to be re-weighed, and
43.5.3 subject to Paragraph 43.5.4, the Trainer must not add to, remove from, or change any equipment with which the Rider has been weighed.
43.5.4 The Trainer may change the girth or surcingle if they do not fit.

43.6 A Trainer who assists in the loading of any horse into starting stalls must wear a skull cap.
43.7 Approved Speed Sensing Devicemeans a speed sensing device that is approved by the Authority.
43.8 Where a Rider weighs in below the weight at which he weighed out by more than 1lb and the Stewards are unable to establish the cause of the discrepancy, the Stewards may take Disciplinary Action against any Rider, Trainer or both.