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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Trainer Manual (C)


45. Duty to secure the best possible placing

45.1 A Trainer must give, or cause to be given, to the Rider of any horse trained by him such instructions as are necessary to ensure the horse runs on its merits.
45.2 Instructions must, among other things, cover the use of the whip when employing an Apprentice Jockey or Conditional Jockey.
45.3 A Trainer must not send any horse to race with a view to schooling or conditioning the horse.
45.4 A Trainer shall be liable to Disciplinary Action

45.4.1 in the event of any failure to comply with Paragraph 45.1, 45.2 or 45.3;
45.4.2 in the event that an instruction is given to the Rider which, if obeyed, could or would lead to a contravention of Rule (B)54 (careless or improper riding) with regard to misuse of the whip; or
45.4.3 in the event that the Rider is found to have intentionally failed to ensure that his horse is run on its merits, including any case where the Rider was found to have been schooling or conditioning the horse.

45.5 The Stewards or the Authority may decide not to take Disciplinary Action against a Trainer under Paragraph 45.4.3 where the Trainer satisfies the Authority

45.5.1 that the Rider was given appropriate instructions under Paragraph 45.1, but
45.5.2 that he failed to comply with them.