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The Orders and Rules of Racing


46. Authorised Trainer's Representative

46.1 A Licensed Trainer or Permitted Trainer who is unable to attend a race meeting at which he has a horse running, must authorise another person to represent him on the racecourse and instruct him so that he complies with Paragraph 46.2.
46.2 This person must

46.2.1 attend Stewards enquiries on the Trainer's behalf into any matter appertaining to the Trainer,
46.2.2 know the riding instructions that the Trainer gave to the Rider under Rule 45, and
46.2.3 be able to inform the Stewards whether the Rider has complied with such instructions.

46.3 Failure by a Trainer to inform his representative of the instructions given to the Rider will not preclude the Stewards from making a finding of a breach of Rule 45.1.