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The Orders and Rules of Racing


48. Schooling horses for all types of start

48.1 A Trainer must ensure that any horse trained by him is properly schooled for all types of start.
48.2 In relation to starting stalls, a horse shall be taken to be properly schooled only if

48.2.1 it has experience of being blindfolded before its first appearance on a racecourse,
48.2.2 it loads into the stalls without hesitation (if necessary, no more than two pushers should be required),
48.2.3 it is capable of standing in stalls with a horse either side for a minimum of two minutes, and
48.2.4 it is capable of standing alone in the stalls for two minutes.

48.3 On the first occasion when a horse trained in Great Britain is declared to run in a race where starting stalls are to be used

48.3.1 a Trainer who requires any special arrangements to be made at the start must either speak directly with the Starter or submit a signed request for those arrangements via his representative, and
48.3.2 a Trainer must inform the Starter before the race if he is running a horse with specific idiosyncrasies of behaviour and gait which might lead the Starter to consider withdrawing it from the race.
48.3.3 Deleted.

48.4 Deleted.
48.5 When a horse runs on a second or subsequent occasion any request for special arrangements or for a Person to be present at the start must be confirmed by the Stewards.
48.6 On the first occasion when a horse trained outside Great Britain is entered for a flat race in Great Britain, the Trainer must make arrangements with the Racing Authority of the country in which the horse is trained (or has been trained) with a view to obtaining the observations of the Racing Authority's Senior Starter as to the horse's behaviour at the start.
48.7 The information referred to in Paragraph 48.6 in respect of a race should be received at the Authority's Office (Disciplinary Department) before the time determined in accordance with Rule (F)89 for making a declaration to run in the race and, if it is not received before then

48.7.1 no special arrangements may be made at the start for the horse, and
48.7.2 if the horse proves difficult at the start and the Authority considers it appropriate to do so, the Authority may refuse the horse entry to further races, and refuse entry for other horses trained by the same Trainer.

48.8 Schedule 5 sets out procedures applying to stalls tests, including provision for a certificate of a satisfactory test, sampling on presentation for test in certain circumstances, financial penalties, other Disciplinary Action and Pre-Race Assessments.