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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

2. Interpretation of Part 2

2.1 In Part 2, unless the context otherwise requires

Export Certificate, in relation to a horse foaled outside Great Britain, Ireland or the Channel Islands, means a certificate of pedigree for the horse which

2.1.1 states the name, pedigree, age, sex, colour and markings of the horse, and
2.1.2 is issued and endorsed by a Recognised Stud Book Authority or, in the absence of such an Authority, the Recognised Racing Authority of the country in which the horse was foaled, and
2.1.3. is endorsed by the Stud Book Authority or Racing Authority of any other country which the horse has visited before importation into Great Britain

Horse includes mare, gelding, colt, and filly and for the purposes of Rule 18 includes a pony, mule, ass or hinny;
Microchip means a microchip approved by the Stud Book Authority of Great Britain and Ireland;
Non-Thoroughbred Register means the work authorised to be published under that name by the Authority;
Racecourse Managing Executive means the person who holds a racecourse licence granted by the Authority under Part (F)2;
Racecourse Property means any property owned, used or controlled by the racecourse managing executive;
Register of Stable Employee Names means the register of the names of employees of a trainer which is maintained by the Authority under Part (A)3 (licences, permits and registration);
Stud Book means the register of the breeding of thoroughbred horses in their country of origin;
Veterinary Officer means a registered veterinary surgeon engaged by the Authority;
Veterinary Surgeon means any qualified veterinary practitioner appropriately registered to practice.