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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

7. Age and markings certificates

7.1 An age and markings certificate in respect of a horse is a certificate signed by a Veterinary Surgeon which

7.1.1 specifies the markings of the horse, and
7.1.2 states the age of the horse.

7.2 The Veterinary Surgeon must satisfy the following conditions:

7.2.1 The Veterinary Surgeon must not be the Owner of the horse or any person related to the Owner of the horse; the Trainer of the horse or any person related to the Trainer of the horse; or a Person shown in the Register of Stable Employee Names as being employed by the Trainer; and

7.2.2. The Veterinary Surgeon must be independent of the Owner and Trainer of the horse.
7.2.3 Where the Authority is not satisfied that the Veterinary Surgeon is independent of the Owner and the Trainer of the horse, it may reject any age and markings certificate. This Paragraph applies whether or not the Authority subsequently commences an enquiry to consider possible Disciplinary Action.

7.3 Where an age and markings certificate is required in support of an application to register the name of a horse, the Authority must compare the certificate with

7.3.1 if the horse was foaled in Great Britain, Ireland or the Channel Islands, the markings first recorded for the horse in the Stud Book maintained by the Stud Book Authority of Great Britain and Ireland;
7.3.2 if the horse was foaled elsewhere, the markings contained in its Export Certificate.

7.4 The Authority must not approve the application if

7.4.1 it considers that there is a discrepancy between the age and markings certificate and the document specified in Paragraph 7.3.1 or 7.3.2, and
7.4.2 the horse's identity cannot be verified by a blood or a DNA test.

7.5 If the delivery of the Export Certificate for a horse has been delayed, the Authority may provisionally approve an application subject to subsequent verification of the horse's identity.
7.6 The appropriate fee specified in Schedule (A)1 is payable by an applicant for the carrying out of

7.6.1 a comparison required by Paragraph 7.3.2, or
7.6.2 a test for the purposes of Paragraph 7.4.2,

whether or not the identity of the horse is verified as a result.