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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

8. Requirements for an application to be approved

8.1 Unless the Authority direct otherwise an application for registration will only be accepted if

8.1.1 it has received all the documents required by Rules 4 to 7, and
8.1.2 it is satisfied that each of the following conditions is met in respect of the application.

8.2 The first condition is that

8.2.1 the horse's identity has been properly verified, and
8.2.2 the horse has been implanted with an identifying Microchip.

8.3 The second condition is that the horse has been accepted for inclusion in

8.3.1 the Stud Book maintained by the Stud Book Authority of Great Britain and Ireland,
8.3.2 a Stud Book approved by the International Stud Book Committee (see Paragraph 8.6),
8.3.3 the Non-Thoroughbred Register, or
8.3.4 the Autre Que Pur Sang (AQPS Register).

8.4 The third condition is that the name of the horse

8.4.1 has been determined in accordance with Schedule 1, and
8.4.2 has not been reserved under Rule 11.

8.5 The fourth condition is that the horse, and its sire and dam, are each the produce of a natural service or covering and that, in the course of breeding the horse

8.5.1 a natural gestation took place in the body of the mare in which the foal was conceived, and
8.5.2 the foal was delivered from the mare's body.

8.6 Schedule 2 lists the countries in respect of which Stud Books have been approved by the International Stud Book Committee.
8.7 In Paragraph 8.5, Natural Service or Covering means the physical mounting of a mare by a stallion and which can include the immediate re-inforcement of the stallion's service or cover by a portion of the ejaculate produced by that stallion during that service or cover of that same mare.