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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

10. Changing a name

10.1 A name that is registered for a horse may be changed but only in the following circumstances

10.1.1 the Authority decides to correct an incorrect name which has been published in error, or
10.1.2 an application to register a new name is made to, and approved by, the Authority under this Rule.

10.2 The Authority may approve an application to register a new name for the horse if the Authority has received all the documents required by Rules 4 to 7 and is satisfied that

10.2.1 each of the conditions for approval specified in Rule 8 are met in respect of the application, and
10.2.2 Paragraph 10.3 does not prevent it from giving its approval.

10.3 No approval may be given if

10.3.1 the horse has run under these Rules, the rules of a Recognised Racing Authority or in a Point to Point Steeple Chase run in Great Britain or Ireland, or
10.3.2 the name of the horse is also registered by a Recognised Racing Authority and that Racing Authority has not given its permission to the name change, or
10.3.3 the horse has been registered either as a broodmare or as a stallion in the Stud Book maintained by the Stud Book Authority of Great Britain and Ireland, the Non-Thoroughbred Register, or any other Stud Book or non-thoroughbred register which is authorised to be published by a Recognised Racing Authority.