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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

15. Identity checks for horses trained in Great Britain

15.1 An identity check must be carried out on any horse which is trained in Great Britain in any case where the horse has been declared to run in a race under Rule (F)89 and

15.1.1 the race is the horse's first in Great Britain,
15.1.2 the race is the horse's first since changing Trainer, or
15.1.3 the horse is required at the request of a Veterinary Officer for a routine vaccination or health check.

15.2 When the declaration sheet for the horse is verified in accordance with Rule (B)23 (verifying the declaration sheet), the horse and its passport must be available for inspection by a Veterinary Officer not less than three quarters of an hour before the advertised time for the race.
15.3 If the horse's passport is not available in accordance with Paragraph 15.2, the Trainer and the Owner of the horse are liable to Disciplinary Action and

15.3.1 in the circumstances specified in Paragraph 15.1.1 or 15.1.2, the horse is not permitted to run in any race under these Rules (see Paragraph 5 of Schedule (B)3);
15.3.2 in the circumstances specified in Paragraph 15.1.3, the horse may run if the Trainer confirms in writing that he holds the passport.

15.4 Where the requirements of Paragraph 15.2 are not complied with on the first occasion when they apply, they shall continue to apply until they are complied with.
15.5 Failure to present the correct horse to the Veterinary Officer as required by Paragraph 15.2 may result in Disciplinary Action being taken against the Trainer.