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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

19. Vaccination checks

19.1 For the purposes of determining whether the requirements of Rule 18 have been met, the following documents must be available for inspection in respect of a horse which is on Racecourse Property

19.1.1 any passport issued for the horse, or
19.1.2 the vaccination records for the horse.

19.2 Where the horse has a passport, the vaccination section of the horse's passport must have been completed by a Veterinary Surgeon or a Recognised Racing Authority.
19.3 Vaccination records for a horse which meet the conditions specified in Paragraph 19.4 may be relied on where

19.3.1 the horse is trained in a country that does not issue passports, or
19.3.2 no passport has been issued for a horse which is brought to the meeting as a companion animal.

19.4 The conditions are that the vaccination records include a combined identification and vaccination certificate signed by a Veterinary Surgeon which identifies the horse, states that it has received vaccinations against equine influenza and gives the dates of each vaccination.
19.5 The conditions in Paragraph 19.2 shall be regarded as not having been met if any entry in a passport of details of vaccination against equine influenza has been altered in any way other than where

19.5.1 an incorrect entry has been completely deleted, and
19.5.2 a new entry has been made and signed by the Veterinary Surgeon who gave the vaccination, or if that Veterinary Surgeon (or his representative) provided details of the vaccination to another Veterinary Surgeon, by that other Veterinary Surgeon.

19.6 Any passport or vaccination record must be completed by a Veterinary Surgeon who satisfies the following conditions:

19.6.1 The Veterinary Surgeon must not be: the Owner of the horse or any person related to the Owner of the horse; the Trainer of the horse or any person related to the Trainer of the horse; or a Person shown in the Register of Stable Employee Names as being employed by the Trainer; and

19.6.2. The Veterinary Surgeon must be independent of the Owner and Trainer of the horse.
19.6.3 Where the Authority is not satisfied that the Veterinary Surgeon is independent of the Owner and the Trainer of the horse, it may reject any passport or vaccination record. This Paragraph applies whether or not the Authority subsequently commences an enquiry to consider possible Disciplinary Action.