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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

21. Racing clearance notifications

21.1 In this Rule, a racing clearance notification is a notification from The Racing Calendar Office to a Recognised Racing Authority

21.1.1 stating that the Trainer holds a licence or permit to train granted by the Authority, and
21.1.2 stating that the name of the Owner of the horse is registered and does not appear on the Forfeit List, and
21.1.3 indicating whether the horse is free from restrictions that prevents it from racing.

21.2 Where a racing clearance notification is required for a horse in respect of a race, the request must be made to The Racing Calendar Office no later than the day prior to the deadline for the pre-race day declaration for the race.
21.3 Where a notification is issued, it is valid only for the race or for the period stated on the notification.
21.4 If the notification is for a stated period

21.4.1 the period may not exceed 90 days,
21.4.2 a new notification must be requested if, during the period, there is any change to the Trainer or Owner of the horse, and
21.4.3 the horse may not remain outside Great Britain and Ireland after the end of the period without first obtaining permission to do so from The Racing Calendar Office and requesting a new racing clearance notification.

21.5 Any request for a notification which is made under Paragraph 21.2 or 21.4.3 must be accompanied by the appropriate fee specified in Schedule (A)1.
21.6 Where a notification is issued for a horse to run in more than one race in the same country, the notification ceases to be valid when the horse leaves that country.
21.7 Where the horse is to race in more than one country

21.7.1 a notification may be issued by The Racing Calendar Office only in respect of races in the first country to be visited, and
21.7.2 in respect of any race in each subsequent country, a racing clearance notification must be requested from The Recognised Racing Authority of the country last visited by the horse which immediately precedes that in which the race is to be held.

21.8 A racing clearance notification referred to in Paragraph 21.7.2 will indicate only whether any new restrictions have been imposed on the horse to prevent it from racing and, if such restrictions are imposed, it will specify the details of the restrictions (with such details also being forwarded to The Racing Calendar Office).