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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

26. Registration of non-racing agreements

26.1 In this Rule, a Non-Racing Agreement is an agreement under which a horse which has been retired from racing by its Owner is transferred to another Person, but subject to a condition that the horse will not race again.
26.2 The Authority may register a Non-Racing Agreement only if a Form NRA1 is

26.2.1 in the Prescribed form,
26.2.2 signed by the Person transferring the horse and by the transferee, and
26.2.3 submitted to The Racing Calendar Office.

26.3 The Form NRA1 must be accompanied by the horse's passport.
26.4 Where a Non-Racing Agreement is registered, it shall be recorded by The Racing Calendar Office and the horse's passport endorsed accordingly.
26.5 Where a Non-Racing Agreement is registered, the Authority will notify the Person who transferred the horse of any occasion on which the horse is reported as being in training or an attempt is made to enter it to run in a race under these Rules, whichever is the earlier, and will prevent the horse from being entered to run in any such race.
26.6 The Authority may cancel the registration of a Non-Racing Agreement

26.6.1 where it receives a written, and signed, notice of cancellation in the Prescribed Form NRA2, from all Persons who signed the Form NRA1, or
26.6.2 in such other circumstances as it considers appropriate.

26.7 The Authority will uphold requests from Recognised Turf Authorities to reciprocate an equivalent agreement, and will prevent any such horse from being entered or run in a race under these Rules.