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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

28. Scope of Chapter 2

28.1 This Chapter provides for the registration of the names of the following as owners of any horse trained in Great Britain

28.1.1 a Sole Owner, or
28.1.2 Deleted
28.1.3 a Company
28.1.4 Deleted
28.1.5 Deleted.

28.2 Deleted.
28.3 For the purposes of Paragraph 28.1.3
Company means a body incorporated with limited or unlimited liability under a statutory enactment and includes a body incorporated outside the United Kingdom;
Director, in relation to a body corporate whose affairs are managed by its members, means a member of the body corporate.
28.4 In this Part, references to a Person include a partnership or unincorporated association of persons.