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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

31. Name to be used when running a horse in ownership of a Sole Owner

31.1 Any horse owned by a Sole Owner must be entered and run under the Sole Owner's name except where the Authority has registered a person's screen, stage or pen name on the grounds that the person is better known publicly by an assumed name than by his real name.
31.2 The personal representative of an individual who is deceased may run the horse solely under the following description unless he has been notified by the Authority that he is required to make an application under this Part to register his own name in the register of Owners
Executor(s) (or Administrator(s) or Personal Representative) of insert name of the deceased Person.
31.3 A horse which is entered or run in a race using a name that is otherwise than in accordance with this Rule is liable to be disqualified under Rule (A)74 (see Ground 6 of that Rule).