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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

33. Cancellation of registration of individual registered as a Sole Owner

33.1 This Rule applies to an individual whose name is entered in the register of Owners as a Sole Owner of a horse.
33.2 A Sole Owner's registration is void if, when his application for registration was approved by the Authority

33.2.1 he was a Disqualified Person, or
33.2.2 a bankruptcy order had been made against him.

33.3 A Sole Owner's registration shall immediately cease to be valid if, at any time after the approval of his application for registration

33.3.1 he is declared to be a Disqualified Person,
33.3.2 a bankruptcy order is made against him,
33.3.3 he does not have a horse returned as being in training under these Rules for 24 months, or
33.3.4 the Authority gives a direction under Paragraph 33.4.

33.4 The Authority may at any time direct that a Sole Owner's registration shall cease to be valid

33.4.1 in accordance with Rule 30.2, or
33.4.2 in such other circumstances as it considers appropriate.

33.5 Where a Sole Owner's registration is void or ceases to be valid under this Rule the Authority shall remove his name from the register.
33.6 If a Person's name is removed from the register on the ground that the Sole Owner was a Disqualified Person or was subject to a bankruptcy order, the Authority may not approve an application to restore his registration until

33.6.1 three months have elapsed from the date on which the Sole Owner ceased to be disqualified or bankrupt, unless
33.6.2 the Authority is satisfied that the circumstances of the disqualification or bankruptcy were outside his reasonable control.