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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

39. Registration of Companies

39.1 The registration of a Company in the register of Owners must be made in accordance with Rules 39 to 46.
39.2 A Company must be registered with the Authority if the horse owned by that Company is to be entered or run in a race under these Rules.
39.3 An application for entry in the register of Owners made by a Company must

39.3.1 contain all information required by the Prescribed form, and be accompanied by such other details as the Authority may require.

39.4 Where an application is made in accordance with Rule 29 and this Rule, the Authority

39.4.1 must refuse to approve the application if it appears to it that any of the directors or secretary (or joint secretary) of the company is a Disqualified Person, and
39.4.2 may refuse to approve the application in such other circumstances as it considers appropriate.

39.5 Where the Authority approves the registration application:

39.5.1 it may register the Company subject to such restrictions or conditions as it considers appropriate, and
39.5.2 the registration shall become effective from the beginning of the day following the day of approval, unless the Authority directs otherwise.