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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

52. Cancellation of registration of Business Partnership

52.1 The registration of a Recognised Business Partnership shall immediately cease to be valid if

52.1.1 it ceases to meet the conditions specified in Rule 47.1,
52.1.2 a Business Partner becomes a Disqualified Person,
52.1.3 it appears to the Authority that a Business Partner was already a Disqualified Person at the time the application was made for registration of the Business Partnership,
52.1.4 a Business Partner fails to provide within a reasonable time any information required by the Authority or The Racing Calendar Office,
52.1.5 there are fewer than two Business Partners at any time, or
52.1.6 the Authority gives a direction under Paragraph 52.2.

52.2 The Authority may at any time direct that the registration of a Business Partnership shall cease to be valid

52.2.1 in accordance with Rule 30.2,
52.2.2 if any action, proceedings or arrangement under any insolvency or bankruptcy law is taken by or against a Business Partner in respect of his affairs or those of the partnership, or
52.2.3 in such other circumstances as the Authority considers appropriate.

52.3 Where the registration of a Business Partnership ceases to be valid in accordance with Rule 52 it will no longer be possible to re-register as a Business Partnership, rather the registration must be made as a Partnership in accordance with Rule 67.