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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

74. Registration of single race leasing arrangement

74.1 Where a horse is leased to a Person for one race only

74.1.1 the leasing arrangement must be registered if the horse is to be entered or run in that race, and
74.1.2 the registration must take place on or before the day which precedes that on which the horse is declared to run in the race under Part (F)6.

74.2 No single race leasing arrangement may be registered unless it is approved by the Authority.
74.3 An application for registration under this Rule must be

74.3.1 made using the Prescribed form, and
74.3.2 sent to The Racing Calendar Office, together with the appropriate fee specified in Schedule (A)1.

74.4 In determining whether to approve an application, the Authority may have regard to such matters as it may consider appropriate.
74.5 If it decides to approve the application

74.5.1 the Authority may register the single race leasing arrangement subject to such restrictions or conditions as it considers appropriate, and
74.5.2 the registration shall become effective from the beginning of the day following the day of approval.

74.6 In relation to any horse subject to a single race leasing arrangement, references in these Rules to the horse's owner are to the lessee or lessees under the arrangement.