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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

75. Registration of leasing and other joint arrangements not within Rule 67, 73A, 73F or 74

75.1 This Rule applies where a horse is subject to a lease or other arrangement which does not fall within the preceding provisions of this Chapter.
75.2 Any such lease or arrangement must be registered if the horse is to be entered or run in a race under these Rules.
75.3 Registration under this Rule extends only to the horse in question (and, if there is more than one horse, separate registration is required for each horse).
75.4 The registration takes effect immediately once all of the conditions for initial registration specified in Rule 76 have been met, but this is subject to the requirement to renew registration under Rule 77 and to any cancellation of registration under Rule 80.
75.5 Where a horse

75.5.1 is entered for a race before it becomes subject to a lease or other arrangement within Paragraph 75.1, and
75.5.2 runs in that race before the lease or other arrangement is registered,

the horse is liable to be disqualified under Rule (A)74 (see Ground 7).

75.6 The Authority may publish on the Racing Administration Internet Site such information as it considers appropriate in respect of any lease or other arrangement registered under this Rule.