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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

83. Circumstances in which use of other racing colours is required

83.1 An Owner must declare alternative colours if asked to do so by the Authority or the Judge.
83.2 In deciding which Owner must declare alternative colours the Authority or the Judge

83.2.1 may take into account the length of time the colours have been registered to the Owner, giving preference to the longer-established registration, but
83.2.2 has absolute discretion over which colours are required to be changed.

83.3 Where

83.3.1 an Owner has more than one horse running in the same race, or
83.3.2 an Owner's horse will not be carrying his First Colours in a race,

the Owner or the Trainer must declare alternative colours to the Racing Calendar Office by 1.00p.m. on the day for making declarations to run under Rule (F)89.

83.4 The alternative colours referred to in Paragraph 83.3.1 must, as a minimum, have a different coloured cap which

83.4.1 is not black, and
83.4.2 does not contain a colour which appears in the cap of the declared colours for any of that Owner's other horses in the race, except where that colour features only in a star or a diamond.

83.5 If the Owner or the Trainer fails to make the declaration required by Paragraph 83.3 he must declare alternative colours to the Clerk of the Scales before the rider weighs out.
83.6 Unless the change is at the Judge's request on the racecourse, the alternative colours must not be already registered to another Owner unless permission has been obtained.
83.7 Where no declaration is made pursuant to Paragraph 83.3 above, or where a horse runs in colours other than those declared under Paragraph 83.3, Disciplinary Action may be taken against the Trainer or, where the Trainer satisfies the Authority that the fault was that of the Owner, against the Owner.