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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

85. Application to the Authority to register racing colours

85.1 An application for the registration of racing colours under Rule 82.1 must be

85.1.1 made using the Prescribed form,
85.1.2 sent to The Racing Calendar Office, and
85.1.3 accompanied by the appropriate fee specified in Schedule (A)1.

85.2 If it considers it appropriate to do so, the Authority may waive some or all of the instructions contained in the Prescribed form in respect of the Owner of a horse whose colours are already registered with a Recognised Racing Authority.

85.3 The Authority may determine

85.3.1 the colour shades and combinations that are available for registration,
85.3.2 the features that sufficiently distinguish one set of racing colours from a similar set so as to allow both to be registered,
85.3.3 the circumstances in which re-registration and transfers of racing colours may be permitted, and
85.3.4 all disputes as to the rights to particular colours.

85.4 The Authority may

85.4.1 register an Owner's racing colours for a period of 1, 5, 10 or 20 years or for such other period as the Authority may determine, and
85.4.2 may renew such registration on payment of the appropriate fee specified in Schedule (A)1.

85.5 A transfer of colours will be permitted upon payment of the relevant fee as set out in Schedule (A)1. This fee is not applicable where the transfer is made to

85.5.1 spouse,
85.5.2 parent,
85.5.3 a child,
85.5.4 siblings
85.5.5 civil partners,
85.5.6 the executors or the administrators of such persons, or
85.5.6 if the transferor, or in the case of a deceased transferor the heir to his racing interests,

85.6 At the Authority's discretion, colours may also be transferred between a Registered Owner and

85.6.1 a Racing Club registered under Rule 73F,
85.6.2 a Recognised Stud Company registered under Rule 34,
85.6.3 a Recognised Company registered under Rule 39,
85.6.4 a Recognised Business Partnership registered under Rule 47,
85.6.5 a Partnership registered under Rule 67, or
85.6.6 a Syndicate registered under Rule 73A

85.7 Provided the Registered Owner is a Club Manager, approved nominee, Registered Agent, Business Partner, Partner or Syndicator as the case may be of the ownership category in question or vice versa.

85.7.1 colours may only be transferred back to the original registrant.