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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Schedule 9 - Distribution of prize money

2. Flat Pattern and Listed Races

The percentage distribution of prize money shall be as follows

Flat Pattern and Listed Races2.
 3 prizes4 prizes5 prizes6 prizes7 prizes8 prizes10 prizes
Owner of the winner49.646.6445.244.5644.164443.92 
Owner of the second20.2719.0618.5618.2918.218.14 18.08
Owner of the third10.139.539. 9.04
Owner of the fourth-4.774.644.574.554.54 4.48
Owner of the fifth--2.322.292.282.27 2.24
Owner of the sixth--- 1.12
Owner of the seventh----0.570.57 0.56
Owner of the eighth-----0.28 0.32
Owner of ninth      0.16
Owner of tenth      0.08
Trainer of the winner5.895.655.545.495.455.445.42
Trainer of the second1.311. 1.2
Trainer of the third0.650.630.620.610.610.610.6
Trainer of the fourth-0.310.310.30.30.3 0.3
Trainer of the fifth-- 0.15
Trainer of the sixth--- 0.08
Trainer of the seventh----0.040.04 0.04
Trainer of the eighth-----0.02 0.03
Trainer of ninth      0.02
Trainer of tenth      0.01
Rider of the winner4.334. 3.97
Rider of the second0.960.930.910.90.890.89 0.88
Rider of the third0.480.460.450.450.450.45 0.44
Rider of the fourth- 0.22
Rider of the fifth-- 0.11
Rider of the sixth--- 0.05
Rider of the seventh----0.030.03 0.04
Rider of the eighth-----0.01 0.03
Rider of ninth      0.02
Rider of tenth      0.01
Stable of the winner2.952.762.672.632.62.58 2.56
Stable of the second1.
Stable of the third0.60.570.560.550.550.55 0.54
Stable of the fourth- 0.26
Stable of the fifth-- 0.14
Stable of the sixth--- 0.07
Stable of the seventh----0.030.03 0.04
Stable of the eighth-----0.02 0.03
Stable of ninth      0.02
Stable of tenth      0.01
Industry Training0.580.580.580.580.580.58 0.58
Jockeys' Valets Attendance0. 0.2
PJA Pension Fund0.