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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Schedule 9 - Distribution of prize money

3. Flat non-pattern and non-listed races other than flat Amateur Rider races

Flat non-pattern and non-listed races other than flat Amateur Rider races3.
 3 prizes4 prizes5 prizes6 prizes7 prizes8 prizes10 prizes
Owner of the winner53.650.6449.248.5648.244847.92 
Owner of the second17.616.7816.4316.2316.1316.13 16.08
Owner of the third8.88.398. 8
Owner of the fourth- 4
Owner of the fifth-- 2
Owner of the sixth--- 1.04
Owner of the seventh----0.50.5 0.48
Owner of the eighth-----0.25 0.24
Owner of ninth      0.16
Owner of tenth      0.08
Trainer of the winner6.486. 6.08
Trainer of the second0.910.90.890.880.880.88 0.87
Trainer of the third0.460.450.440.440.440.44 0.43
Trainer of the fourth- 0.21
Trainer of the fifth-- 0.11
Trainer of the sixth--- 0.05
Trainer of the seventh----0.030.03 0.04
Trainer of the eighth-----0.01 0.03
Trainer of ninth      0.02
Trainer of tenth      0.01
Rider of the winner4.764.614.554.514.494.48 4.46
Rider of the second0.670.660.650.650.650.65 0.63
Rider of the third0.340.330.330.330.330.33 0.31
Rider of the fourth- 0.15
Rider of the fifth-- 0.07
Rider of the sixth--- 0.05
Rider of the seventh----0.020.02 0.04
Rider of the eighth-----0.01 0.03
Rider of ninth      0.02
Rider of tenth      0.01
Stable of the winner3.333.
Stable of the second0.950.910.890.880.880.88 0.87
Stable of the third0.470.450.450.440.440.44 0.43
Stable of the fourth- 0.2
Stable of the fifth-- 0.1
Stable of the sixth--- 0.06
Stable of the seventh----0.030.03 0.04
Stable of the eighth-----0.01 0.03
Stable of ninth      0.02
Stable of tenth      0.01
Industry Training0.580.580.580.580.580.58 0.58
Jockeys' Valets Attendance0. 0.2
PJA Pension Fund0.
NASS0. 0.25