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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Schedule 9 - Distribution of prize money

5. Jump non-pattern and non-listed races other than jump Amateur Rider races

In the event of an Amateur Rider being the Rider as shown below the payments due to the Rider shall be paid to the Authority

Jump non-pattern and non-listed races other than jump Amateur Rider races5.
 3 prizes4 prizes5 prizes6 prizes7 prizes8 prizes10 prizes
Owner of the winner52.4349.5348.1247.547.1846.9546.87 
Owner of the second17.2116.4116.0715.8715.7815.77 15.72
Owner of the third8.618.218.037.947.897.89 7.86
Owner of the fourth- 3.93
Owner of the fifth--2.011.981.971.97 1.96
Owner of the sixth---0.990.990.99 0.99
Owner of the seventh----0.490.49 0.49
Owner of the eighth-----0.25 0.24
Owner of ninth      0.13
Owner of tenth      0.06
Trainer of the winner6.486. 6.08
Trainer of the second0.910.90.890.880.880.88 0.87
Trainer of the third0.460.450.440.440.440.44 0.43
Trainer of the fourth- 0.21
Trainer of the fifth-- 0.11
Trainer of the sixth--- 0.05
Trainer of the seventh----0.030.03 0.04
Trainer of the eighth-----0.01 0.03
Trainer of ninth      0.02
Trainer of tenth      0.01
Rider of the winner6.26.015.925.885.855.84 5.82
Rider of the second0.880.860.850.850.850.85 0.84
Rider of the third0.440.430.430.420.420.42 0.41
Rider of the fourth- 0.2
Rider of the fifth-- 0.1
Rider of the sixth--- 0.05
Rider of the seventh----0.030.03 0.04
Rider of the eighth-----0.01 0.03
Rider of ninth      0.02
Rider of tenth      0.01
Stable of the winner3.333.
Stable of the second0.950.910.890.880.880.88 0.87
Stable of the third0.470.450.450.440.440.44 0.43
Stable of the fourth- 0.2
Stable of the fifth-- 0.1
Stable of the sixth--- 0.06
Stable of the seventh----0.030.03 0.04
Stable of the eighth-----0.01 0.03
Stable of ninth      0.02
Stable of tenth      0.01
Industry Training0.580.580.580.580.580.58 0.58
Jockeys' Valets Attendance0. 0.2
PJA Pension Fund0. 0.6
NASS0. 0.25