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The Orders and Rules of Racing

BHA Notices Section

Vaccination endorsements

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has instructed its members that they should only transfer into a passport the record of vaccinations against equine influenza by other Veterinary Surgeons if details of those vaccinations are contained in a document identifying the horse concerned, its breeding and including both written and diagrammatic descriptions of its markings, or by reference to its microchip number.

Owners and Trainers are advised that if they take a horse into their care and its vaccination details are shown on a separate document, which may be attached to the passport, but without the details having been transferred into the appropriate page of the passport they should initially seek the advice of their Veterinary Surgeon. If he is unable to transfer the details of the vaccinations it will either be necessary to have the passport completed by the Veterinary Surgeon who vaccinated the horse or a new programme of vaccination must be started.