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The Orders and Rules of Racing

BHA Notices Section

Private Sampling of Horses on Racecourses

Private samples may be taken by Veterinary Officers at the request of Owners or Trainers where conditions permit. In addition, such samples may be analysed by the Official Analyst at the Horserace Forensic Laboratories on payment of a fee. The samples will not be regarded as official, and no action will be taken under the Rules of Racing if substances other than normal nutrients are found, although in such cases Trainers will be asked to give their co-operation to establish the source of the substance as this will obviously be in the interests both of greater security and research. Any Trainer or Owner who wishes to have samples taken from his horse after a race should apply to the Stewards, who will decide whether or not it will be possible for the Veterinary Officer to deal with the matter. Should it not be possible for the Veterinary Officer to do so facilities will be made available for a Veterinary Surgeon of the Owner's or Trainer's choice to take the samples but in these cases arrangements for analysis must be made privately.