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The Orders and Rules of Racing

BHA Notices Section

Colours - Registration of

1. Colours are registered in accordance with Rules (E)82 to 85.

2. Where a person or entity declines or fails to apply for re-registration of colours as required or elects to cancel the registration of such colours the British Horseracing Authority will endeavour to confirm the cancellation of the colours registration, through communication to the last known address of the person or entity in whose name the colours had been registered but it is the overriding responsibility of every such person or entity to acquaint himself with the relevant procedures and ensure he makes an application to re-register as required if that is his intention. The date from which the colours will be available for re-registration will be set at the Authority's discretion and, unless the re-registration is offered by the Authority for sale, will normally be three months from the date of de-registration.

3. The Authority may invite applications for registration of new or lapsed colours in such manner as they shall think fit including seeking tenders or conducting an auction thereof whereby the successful tenderer or bidder shall be that person or entity which is prepared to pay the largest sum for the first registration fee provided always that the Authority consider such sum to be adequate. A successful tenderer or bidder shall cause full payment of the said sum to be made within 12 days or within such period as the Authority may from time to time require otherwise such tender or bid shall be deemed invalid. Invited applications for registration of new or lapsed colours shall not be approved until such time as payment thereof has been effected.

4. Where a person or entity wishes to surrender his registration of colours the Authority may agree in advance to give such person or entity such share of the subsequent first registration fee as they may in their absolute discretion think fit.