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The Orders and Rules of Racing

BHA Notices Section

Declaration to run - Extension of the time - Rule (F)90

The British Horseracing Authority gives notice that the procedure to give effect to the extended time period for declaration referred to in Rule (F)90.2 will operate as shown below where the number of declarations received by the day of the original deadline is

(a) seven or less for any Flat Race Handicap (including Listed Handicaps)

(b) five or less for any Pattern Race or Listed Race unless Rule (F)90.2.1 applies, and

(c) three or less for a race which is to be run on a Monday to Friday (inclusive) or four or less have been received for a race run on a Saturday or Sunday.

(d) Declarations at the non-preferred meeting (see Rule (F) shall not be taken into account for the purposes of the above races.

The Racing Calendar Office will endeavour to contact the Trainer of any horse not declared for which an entry or confirmation of entry had been accepted at either the 5 or 6 day entry stage for the race in question. However, the Authority draws attention to the fact that whilst every effort is made, such contact cannot be guaranteed.
Providing contact has been made with all the Trainers concerned prior to 10.30 a.m. (or such earlier or later time as the Authority shall decide), and they have stated their intention to declare to run or not as the case may be the extended time period for declaration to run will cease. Otherwise the extended time period for declaration to run will apply up to the time indicated above as the case may be, (or such earlier or later time as the Authority shall decide). In addition Trainers should note that when a race is subject to a time extension for declarations this fact will be displayed promptly on the Racing Administration Internet Site by means of a dedicated page. Any necessary raising of weights required in accordance with Rule (F)36 and will be carried out at the time of the revised deadline.

The Authority also gives notice that if a horse is already declared to run under the provisions of Rule (F)89 in another race on the day in question the Trainer of the horse will not be afforded the opportunity to declare for the race for which the time for declaration to run has been extended unless the horse is doubly declared under the provisions of Rule (F)98 or 99.

Where a horse is doubly declared under Rule (F)98 or 99 the preferred meeting for the horse may be changed if the original non-preferred meeting is subject to an extended time period for declaration.