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The Orders and Rules of Racing

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Claiming of Horses from Selling and Claiming Races

It has come to the attention of the British Horseracing Authority that some of the current "Protocol for Claimants" when lodging a claim for a horse are not fully understood by all claimants.

To assist claimants the Authority would like to make clear the protocol for persons who are involved in multi-ownerships. It is an offence under the Rules of Racing to submit or be involved in the submission of a duplicate claim. Accordingly persons who are involved in multi-ownerships and who wish to make a claim should check that no other claim for the same horse has been made by another person involved in the same multi-ownership. Trainers should also ensure that they and their authorised employees do not make more than one claim for the same horse.

Any claimant who may be at risk of an offence under the provisions of the Rules relating to duplicate claims should ask the person with whom they are lodging their claim for the names of the earlier claimants prior to deciding if they wish to proceed to lodge a claim. The onus rests with claimant to make the request to be provided with the names of any earlier claimants.