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The Orders and Rules of Racing


55. Making a claim to The Racing Calendar Office

55.1 A claim made at The Racing Calendar Office must be made by telephone.
55.2 The claim must be made by one of the following

55.2.1 an Owner who is registered under these Rules on the register of Owners,
55.2.2 a Person who, in accordance with the requirements of Rule (E)90 (authorised agents of an owner), is authorised by the Owner to make a claim on the Owner's behalf,
55.2.3 a Trainer,
55.2.4 an employee of a Trainer authorised to act on the Trainer's behalf,
55.2.5 where the claimant is a Recognised Company, a Registered Agent, or
55.2.6 where the claim is made on behalf of a multiple-ownership (other than a Recognised Company), a Person who is an Owner or a Trainer, and is nominated to make the claim on behalf of the multiple-ownership.

55.3 No claim shall be accepted unless

55.3.1 the Person making the claim has a security code which has been allotted to him by the Authority, and
55.3.2 sufficient details are given at the time the claim is made so as to identify the Person making the claim, the type of claim, and the horse which is the subject of the claim.

55.4 Only one claim per horse in the name of the Owner shall be accepted.
55.5 A claim made to The Racing Calendar Office shall not be accepted unless it is made on the day of the race but no later than 15 minutes after the start of the race.
55.6 In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Stakeholder on any matter falling within this Rule is final.