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The Orders and Rules of Racing


53 . The claiming process

53.1 A horse which is liable to be claimed in a Claiming or Selling Race

53.1.1 must not leave Racecourse Property for at least 60 minutes after the 'Weighed In' announcement has been authorised under Part (B)6 (after the race), and
53.1.2 may be claimed at the Advertised Claiming Price (together with any additional amount referred to in Rules 52.5 and 52.6).

53.2 Any claim must be made to the Racing Calendar Office in accordance with Rule 55,

53.3 The Authority may instruct The Racing Calendar Office to refuse a claim at any time.
53.4 The horse shall go to the Person submitting a successful claim but the Owner in whose name a horse ran remains entitled to any Prize Money that is due under the conditions of the race.
53.5 If there are two or more claims for the same horse, the successful claim shall be determined by ballot at The Racing Calendar Office.
53.6 Each claimant must provide a contact telephone number.
53.7 Unless the successful claimant is available after the ballot for the purpose of making arrangements for payment in accordance with Rule 57, he forfeits his right to the horse and the ballot shall be re-conducted until a successful claimant is contacted by The Racing Calendar Office.
53.8 In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Stakeholder on any matter falling within Paragraphs 53.4 to 53.7 is final.
53.9 No Person may
53.9.1 prevent, or seek to prevent, any other Person from claiming a horse liable to be claimed, whether by offering any consideration or guarantee or by means of a threat or otherwise, or
53.9.2 accept or offer to accept any consideration or guarantee or other inducement to refrain from submitting a claim.
53.10 Contravention of Paragraph 53.9 by any Person shall result in that Person being reported to the Authority.