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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - OWNERS - (E)27 to (E)92

92. Restrictions on laying to lose

92.1 In Paragraph 92.2, Listed Person

92.1.1 means any Owner (see Rule 96), and
92.1.2 additionally, includes where the owner is a Recognised Company, any director or Registered Agent of the company, where the owner is a Recognised Stud Company, any director of the company, where the owner is a Syndicate, all members of the Syndicate, where the horse is subject to a lease, the lessor of the horse, and where the horse is owned in a Partnership or Business Partnership, is leased for one race only or is subject to any other lease or arrangement registered under Rule 75, any Person who, at or around the material time, played an active part in managing the horse.

92.2 A Listed Person must not

92.2.1 lay any horse he owns with a Betting Organisation to lose a race,
92.2.2 instruct another Person to do so on his behalf, or
92.2.3 receive the whole or any part of any proceeds of such a lay.

92.3 Any reference to laying a horse to lose includes any single instance of doing so, whether or not the single instance was, or was intended to be, one of a series of betting arrangements.
92.4 Nothing in this Rule prevents the laying of any horse owned by a Betting Organisation in the ordinary course of that Betting Organisation's business.
92.5 Betting Organisation means

92.5.1 any bookmaker,
92.5.2 the Tote,
92.5.3 any company offering spread betting on horseracing or person-to-person betting exchanges on horseracing, and
92.5.4 the employees of any such organisations.