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The Orders and Rules of Racing

BHA Notices Section

Prohibited Substances- Natural Products and Supplements (including Devils Claw)

The British Horseracing Authority wishes to inform trainers that where natural products, as well as manufactured products and medicines, do affect a specified body system referred to in Schedule (C)6 they are also regarded as prohibited substances.

As an example, Devil's Claw (or products containing Devil's Claw) may produce a positive test for harpagoside and similar substances, and great care should be taken over its use. Following research by the Authority together with other European Racing Authorities on the detection of harpagoside, the Authority recommends that the use of such products is withdrawn 48 hours before racing.

Similarly, great care should be exercised with the use of feed supplements. The Authority's website contains information on safe and proper use of supplements and describes how advice can be obtained (LINK). In general it is prudent to record all supplement use, as with feed, in case problems arise. Furthermore the use of supplements which contain prohibited substances should be recorded in the medication records as required by Rule (C)13.