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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Equine Anti-Doping Manual (G)

6. Analysis of Samples

6.1 For the purposes of Rule 6.2, Samples shall be analysed only in BHA-approved Laboratories or using BHA-approved equipment. The choice of the BHA-approved Laboratory used for Sample analysis shall be determined exclusively by the Authority (except where a Responsible Person or other Person chooses under these Equine Anti-Doping Rules to have a B Sample analysed at a BHA-approved Laboratory different to the one that conducted the A Sample analysis).
6.2 Samples shall be analysed to detect Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods identified on the Prohibited List, to assist the Authority in profiling relevant parameters in a Horse's urine, blood, hair or other matrix or for any legitimate anti-doping purpose.
6.3 BHA-approved Laboratories shall analyse Samples and report results to the Authority in conformity with the Laboratory Standards. Compliance with the Laboratory Standards shall be sufficient to conclude that the procedures addressed by the Laboratory Standards have been properly performed.
6.4 All Samples collected from Horses under these Equine Anti-Doping Rules shall be the property of the Authority.
6.5 If, at any stage, any question or issue arises in relation to a Sample, the Authority may require further or other analyses to be conducted as necessary to clarify the question or issue raised and the results of such analyses may be relied upon by the Authority when deciding whether a Sample has given rise to an Adverse Analytical Finding or other equine anti-doping rule violation under these Rules.
6.6 In any case where the analysis of a Sample from a Horse does not give rise to an Adverse Analytical Finding, the Responsible Person or other Person must co-operate if requested by the Authority with

6.6.1 any enquiry by the Authority about substances (including normal nutrients) which are administered to other Horses in the stable from which the Tested Horse has come; and
6.6.2 any other enquiry into the matter that is made by the Authority in exercise of its powers under Part (A)5.

6.7 The Authority may in such circumstances and subject to such procedures as it may specify instruct an BHA-approved Laboratory to re-seal and store Samples from any Horse and to subject stored Samples to analysis. Instructions given by the Authority under this Rule may relate to all Samples collected from a Horse or Horses or to particular Samples or categories of Sample collected. The re-sealing and storage procedures shall be deemed to have been properly carried out by the BHA-approved Laboratory unless the Responsible Person or other Person establishes to the contrary to the satisfaction of the Authority. In the event that a stored Sample gives rise to an Adverse Analytical Finding or other equine anti-doping rule violation, a results management process will be conducted in accordance with the provisions below.
6.8 Any prize or other money to which a Responsible Person or other Person would become entitled in respect of a Horse from which a Sample has been taken does not become payable until the outcome of the analysis is known. Where any such money is credited to a Person in error, the recipient must return it immediately the error becomes known.