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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Equine Anti-Doping Manual (G)

14. Reinstatement Testing

Where a Horse has served a period of suspension under Rule 11.6, as a pre-condition to regaining eligibility to compete at the end of the specified period, an Out-of-Competition Sample shall be collected from the Horse by the Authority and analysed at a BHA-approved laboratory for the full range of Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods. The reinstatement Sample shall be collected and analysed at the Owner's cost and the results sent to the Authority prior to the Horse returning to competition. If the reinstatement test results in an Adverse Analytical Finding or other equine anti-doping rule violation, this will constitute a separate equine anti-doping rule violation and the Responsible Person for the Horse shall be subject to a new results management process in accordance with Rule 7 and further penalties or consequences shall be imposed as appropriate.