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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

26B. Retirement from racing under Rules

26B.1 An Owner may notify the Authority of the permanent retirement of his horse from racing under the Rules of Racing through notification to the Racing Calendar Office using the Prescribed form as stipulated from time to time.
26B.2 Notification pursuant to Paragraph 26B.1 shall have the effect provided for in Manual (G).
26B.3 The horse will remain ineligible to race under the Rules of Racing unless and until the following

26B.3.1 the Racing Calendar Office has received notification that the horse is seeking re-eligibility. Such notification shall be by the Prescribed form as stipulated from time to time, and can be submitted by the Owner who retired the horse pursuant to Paragraph 26B.1 or another subsequent Owner; and
26B.3.2 the horse and the Responsible Person(s) have complied with any requirements imposed by the Authority pursuant to Schedule (G)2, providing for whereabouts information to be provided for the purposes of Out-of-Competition Testing; and
26B.3.3 any samples collected pursuant to Paragraph 26B.3.2 show no evidence of the presence or use of a prohibited substance or prohibited method listed as prohibited in Schedule (G)1.