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Previous runs: Examination of

In order to establish compliance with Rules (B)58, 59 and (C)45, the British Horseracing Authority give notice that, whilst there will be no departure from the current practice of Stewards enquiring on the day of the race when a horse appears not to have been run on its merits, it is not always until an apparent improvement is revealed that there is sufficient evidence to warrant an enquiry. The Authority have therefore decided to look more closely at a horse's previous runs after the circumstances listed in either paragraphs 1 (a) or (b) below have occurred:

(a) If a horse wins, or is placed in a Handicap, Classified Stakes or Rating Related Maiden Race without having previously been placed in the first 4, a Stewards' enquiry may be held to ascertain whether the connections wish to put on record anything relating to earlier races or the past well-being of the horse which in their view might have a significant bearing on any subsequent enquiry. The Stewards will either note what is said, or they will forward the comments of the connections to the Authority's Office so that the riding of the horse in its earlier races can be reviewed in conjunction with this evidence;

(b) Other cases of marked improvement of any sort will be dealt with as above, unless there was a Rule (B)58, 59 or (C)45 enquiry after the horse's previous race which led to an offence under the Rules being proved.

After the video recordings have been examined at the Authority's Office, either the case will be referred to the Disciplinary Panel for an enquiry under Rules (B)58, 59 or (C)45 and connections will be notified accordingly, or, because there is no case to answer, the matter will be closed.